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Tea Tourism

Tea Tourism

Seeking a perfect cup of tea, a journey will start.

[Experience of tea space]
Guests can enjoy a fine cup of tea in a special space in the tea garden prepared only for the enjoyment of tea.
(i) Tenchadai (ii) Morino chashitsu (iii) Yoshida Chashitsu (iv)Chato
*Choose one tea space from the above four places

10,000 yen per person + tax

*We may not be able to meet your request depending on the circumstances, such as maintenance.
*The event will be held at Yoshida Chashitsu or the tea counter in the Ryokan building during rainy weather.
*Reservation required
*Reservations are available for two people or more.
*If there is only one participant, the fee will be 20,000 yen (excluding tax).

[Tea Butler]
One tea butler attends per guest (group) staying at Watayabesso.
We propose a premier time at Tea Tourism with one dedicated tea master per room.
Your butler will provide all tea services, attend to the tea field, lead the tea ceremony in the tea space, and pair the tea with dishes during your stay.

150,000 yen per person + tax (including accommodation fee)

Reservations are available from Reservation

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