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Onigiri Kamiya

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Onigiri KAMIYA

Onigiri KAMIYA

Fully enjoy the Japanese soul food known as onigiri

This is a one-hour event where guests can enjoy onigiri (rice ball) made by the onigiri master Yoshie Kamiya and drink Ureshino tea made by the tea master Yuya Nagao all within a tranquil space. Please enjoy the marriage of Ureshino tea from the Nagano Hoyuen tea farm, which has grown tea for 100 years across five generations in Ureshino, and eat the rice from Ureshino produced by the rice farmer Yuya Nagao grown in the soil and water from the same land.

5,500 yen per person + tax (at the lowest)

Tel:+81 (0) 954-42-0210
(9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

Reservations are available from Reservation

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